Marvel Delays 6 MCU Movies: Avengers 5 & 6, Fantastic Four & More Release Date Changes

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Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga will run a little longer than expected, thanks to the addition of new dates for numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe films in Phases 5 and 6. Phase 5 began this year as the MCU goes deeper into the concept of the multiverse and variants. With many films and shows presently fleshing out The Multiverse Saga, things are starting to look a lot different for Marvel Studios’ current plans.

Marvel Just Delayed 6 Upcoming MCU Movies

  • Captain America: Brave New World has been postponed from May 3, 2024 to July 24, according to a Disney schedule update.
  • Thunderbolts were moved from July 26 to December 20, 2024.
  • The Phase 6 projects that have been impacted include the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot, which has been moved from February 14, 2025 to May 2, 2025.
  • Blade, which has been pushed from September 6, 2024 to February 14, 2025;
  • The next two Avengers films. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty has been pushed back to May 1, 2026, and Avengers: Secret Wars has been pushed back to May 7, 2027.
  • Deadpool 3 will, on the other hand, be released five months earlier than intended, on May 3, 2024, rather than November 8, 2024.

Marvel Movies Released Date

Movie TitleOld Release DateNew Release Date
Deadpool 3November 8, 2024May 3, 2024
Captain America: Brave New WorldMay 3, 2024July 24, 2024
ThunderboltsJuly 26, 2024December 20, 2024
BladeSeptember 6, 2024February 14, 2025
Fantastic FourFebruary 14, 2025May 2, 2025
Avengers: The Kang DynastyMay 2, 2025May 1, 2026
Avengers: Secret WarsMay 1, 2026May 7, 2027

Why MCU Scheduling Changes?

While Disney has announced a number of scheduling modifications at the same time, there is likely little need for panic. Phase 4 was criticised for releasing so much content in such a short period of time, leaving less breathing room for each MCU film and programme in its release schedule. Although slight, these delays may help Marvel projects feel less crammed together.

Also, given the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike and the possibility of a SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s prudent to allow extra time in production for the next batch of films, especially if scripts aren’t ready. When an agreement is reached, Marvel Studios will want to give each project the time it requires. It remains to be seen whether any prospective MCU shows in Phases 5 and 6 will have their launch dates shifted as well.

Hopefully, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will explain more in the coming months why they changed multiple release dates for some of their most anticipated films of all time. With the San Diego Comic-Con coming up next month, some answers may be offered during interviews as they promote their remaining 2023 projects. For the time being, however, it remains to be seen whether the delays will help all of these MCU films as Marvel Studios moves forward with The Multiverse Saga.

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